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Rooiels is a small seaside village, famous for its magnificent views over False Bay. Rooiels forms part of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, the first and only Biosphere in South Africa to be proclaimed by United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). Situated along Clarence Drive Route, reputed as the finest marine drive in the world, Rooiels is the first village to be explored along the stretch of coastline through to Pringle Bay, Betty's Bay and Kleinmond. These four towns are commonly known as the Hangklip - Kleinmond area.

If you are a avid birdwatcher or wildlife photographer this is the place to be: This is arguably the most accessible site close to Cape Town for the legendary Cape Rockjumper, a name that correctly conjures up images of boulder-hopping creatures. These birds, and their closely-related counterparts, the Drakensberg Rockjumper, constantly find themselves on the most-wanted list of pretty much every visiting birder. And rightly so. Mostly, Cape Rockjumpers are found at relatively high altitude and it can take some serious hiking to locate a party of these comics. But at Rooiels, the birds occasionally descend all the way down to sea-level and party amongst the seaside boulders. But not all the time. In fact, even at Rooiels, one can spend a few hours jumping from boulder to boulder in quest of these enigmatic birds. You can spend hours watching these guys forage, hop from boulder to boulder, disappear into crevices, all the while constantly calling to each other to maintain contact.

Rooiels is a favourite angling and shellfish diving spot, with a rich variety of seaplants along its coast. Please note a permit is required for the harvesting of ANY marine species. The unpolluted beach of Rooiels offers safe swimming to all family members. The Cape clawless otter occasionally comes ashore to drink and wash their fur. Being a shy creature and only seen by lucky people, a resident saw one splashing in the lagoon. The otter ran up the dune with something in its mouth. Curious, he followed and the alarmed otter dropped a large sole and disappeared.

Far more numerous are the Chacma baboons. The male can weigh up to 44kg and has long hair. Rooiels has its own troop and they move from our village to Betty's Bay searching for food. They also visit rock pools for seafood and pick up shells and seaweed on the beach. George, a resident of Rooiels named the current leader of the troop Charles. Upon hearing something in the kitchen one day, he went to investigate and discovered food on the floor, something made him look up and on top of the fridge Charles sat looking at him. George started singing to him and Charles sat politely through several songs, but when George started speaking, backed away offended.

The natural beauty of Rooiels leaves an imprint in the hearts of many people who visit here. We welcome all nature lovers to visit and enjoy the wonderful village of Rooiels.

  • 3 bedrooms sleeping 6
  • Open plan kitchen living room
  • Beautiful sea and mountain views
  • Outside and inside BBQ`s
  • Birdwatching paradise
  • Satellite TV
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